Three pupils in a classroom looking at a computer monitor with a teacher leaning over them

Free tutoring for your child

The National Tutoring Programme supports schools in England by providing eligible pupils with access to one-to-one and small group tuition.

Tutoring is free to pupils and parents and is organised by schools based on a pupil’s individual needs. Tutoring is subject specific and linked to the school curriculum.

Contact your child’s school to find out if they’re offering free tutoring and whether your child is eligible.

Benefits of tutoring

Tutoring offers greater levels of interaction and feedback compared to whole class teaching. It can support pupils to overcome barriers to learning, build confidence and increase their progress through the curriculum.

Tutoring is a proven way of supporting pupils to reach their full potential.

I just feel like I can ask a question that I wouldn’t want to ask in class.

Pupil, Overchurch Junior School

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